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A Masonic lodge is a microcosm of society at large.


Queensland's first Daylight Lodge Thespian No. 73, Grand Lodge of Queensland, was formed in 1918.


In its ranks, for the past century, were many actors, musicians, circus managers and theatre producers.


Their colourful lives in theatre, under the big top and on the silver screen are presented below.


It is intended as a suitable beginning to a site seeking to blend past, present and future members

of Queensland's premier Daylight Lodge,


now in its 97th year...


Thespian Lodge No. 268


United Grand Lodge of Queensland



 Past Thespian Lodge #268 Members found on this site are:


Edward de Tisne - American actor, vaudevillian, theatre producer.

Tasman Bradley - Australian Circus Manager

Claude Holland - Australian actor, movie star, broadcaster, radio station manager

John Dobbie - Australian actor, movie star, broadcaster, auctioneer

Hugh Huxham - English actor, vaudevillian, politician

Pat Hanna - New Zealand army officer, actor, movie star, cartoonist

Wally Northcott - Australian bookmaker



and many more, as they are researched and written...

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